Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Has July found me already!!

Well it seems as though this year is flying past me. I have even found it difficult to keep up with my online posts, as I’m rarely inside these days, and spend even less time on the computer - which in my eyes is a good thing. I love the outdoors and I have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather that Alberta has finally been blessed with.

We are now filming episode 7 & 8 in the 5th season of Heartland and that ties up most of my day. As soon as I’m home I head to the barn to feed, water and clean-up after my animals as well as give them a little T.L.C. My horse Pepsi has been staying at a jumping stable down the road where he has a few different riders keeping his mind and body busy (which he needs) while I work. Tango and Cash have been enjoying the lush long grass in their new turn-out field I just had fenced last week. My dog China continues to come to work with me daily and she is very happy to be back in that routine. She has the crew trained to play fetch with her every day during lunch. Remi and the cats stay home and explore the yard each day, and on occasion Remi gets to come on set as well. I tried to talk the writers into making her the “Heartland Farm Dog” but that doesn’t seem to be top priority. Oh well, she is quite happy guarding the animals from the neighbouring coyotes during the day.
All in all, the hectic last few months have been great and I am so glad summer is finally here!!