My Pets

TALON:  Now who could resist a face like that!!! I brought this little fella home last summer and he instantly bonded with my Quarter-Horse Hawk. Since he looks like a “Mini-Me” to Hawk I thought it appropriate to name him “Talon.”

CASH: My baby! Cash has been with me since he was only a couple months old. Now four years old he is learning the ways of carrying a human around! This Buckskin Quarter Horse has always been very easy going and I am so happy I can now ride him on the trails

HAWK: This gorgeous Black Quarter Horse shares the same birthday as me. For only being in his sixth year, Hawk is a very easy going and quiet boy. He loves his food and will get a big, round belly if I don't watch him! He sure does look a lot like Spartan, but no - he has never been on Heartland. However, you can watch for him in the Calgary Stampede Parade!

TANGO: A gentle Quarter Horse that is happy to spend his time grazing with his best friend Cash. Tango came to live with me two winters ago and I was hoping to turn him into my new roping horse. Well at 10 years old he is now set in his ways – and roping was not his cup-of-tea. Now he enjoys going on nice mountain trail rides and being pampered on my farm!
CHINA: Since the day I brought China home from the shelter, she has always been my little shadow. This littler Border Collie X comes everywhere with me and knows the film process just as well as any member on the crew. China had a rough life before I adopted her and she was terrified of most people for quite sometime. After coming to work with me daily she has gotten over that fear, and now her true spirit really shines through.

REMI: With a love of the outdoors, Remi spends most of her time laying on the porch watching the animals go about their daily business. This happy King Shepherd is great with animals and children and she loves when I bring her to local Heartland signings where she usually steals all the attention! Remi has also made several appearances on Heartland.

GILMAN: What a character! This is the funniest little cat I have ever had around. Already clicker trained to sit, stay, come, fetch and "go to his couch" Gilman's willingness to please continues to amaze me. With no fear of anything, I worry about him getting into trouble. He takes on any visiting dog like it is mouse- sized. Gilman plays the 'Clinic Cat' in Scott Cardinal's Vet Clinic during Season Six.

MOUZER: Mouzer has made a few appearances on Heartland so far, and you just never know where you will see him turn up again! He still loves to jump out from behind the couch and grab onto Remi’s neck as she drags him across the floor.

TURNER: This skittish black and white kitty spends most of her time hunting mice in the barn. I found little Turner a couple years ago while Heartland was filming in Turner Valley. She was barely 8 weeks old and I heard this large meow coming from a stack of hay. I reached in and pulled this little bundle of hissing and scratching from behind the bale, and decided to give her a good home.

RUBY: Oh Miss Ruby! This friendly Rhode Island Red was my intro to chickens. Almost 4 years ago, a friend of mine gave me Ruby and 12 fertile eggs to hatch out. It was so much fun to wait and watch for those little peeping voices to emerge. Since then, Ruby has raised many clutches and I have grown and diversified my hen house. Sadly, Ruby passed away earlier this year. She had a great life on my farm and I will miss her.

SILKIE CHICKS: These little cuties are the product of my Bearded Silkies Lightning and Rooster Storm. I am sure they will grow up to look just like their father! 

STORM: This is one of the most handsome Silkie Roosters I have seen! A real "loud mouth" in the coop, Storm is always crowing out his orders. With so many of his chicks taking on his partridge colouring he is a great addition to my Silkie Coop!

LIGHTNING & THUNDER: These two Bearded Silkies are always fun to watch. Being a very broody breed, they have already hatched out a clutch of chicks and are now laying lots more eggs for me to incubate! They live with their handsome boyfriend, Storm!

WESSON: When I decided to get into peafowl, I wanted something different then your common India Blue. When I came across the Buford Bronzes, I was in love. Wesson lives with his two Buford girlfriends and a yearling Black-Shoulder male. I have my fingers crossed for chicks next year!