Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well, here we are six years after Heartland began its journey. I don’t think I could have ever imagined a more suiting role for my lifestyle, and the path Heartland has carried me down has been incredible. Six years ago, to imagine I would be residing on a ranch in the foothills of Alberta with a menagerie of animals around me would have seemed to be a pipe dream. Now, to be living and breathing it everyday is too fitting. I guess where I am going with this, is you can never dream too big. Positive visions will always push you to achieve your goals, no matter how reachable you may think they are at the time.

I’m sure presently the big question for many Heartland fans is, “Will there be a sixth season?!” I personally am in the dark on this as well. CBC is going through major budget cuts and they have thought it best to wait until they can confirm the renewal or end of all of their shows before they let one in particular know of its fate. I know you are all anxious to find out – as am I – but we will all have to wait a little while longer. At least there are new episodes spread over the next couple months to tie you over. 

Alberta has been much more generous this winter in terms of weather than last year. Although a high of -20 degrees Celsius is forecast for this week, it is back above freezing next week as it was with the last. I don’t mind the cold when we get the odd warmer week here and there… after all I am living in Canada in the winter! My horses are all cozy in their blankets and we have been making frequent trips up the road to a heated indoor arena. Cash, my buckskin Quarter-Horse is such an easy-going two-year-old. He is coming along under saddle and nothing seems to upset him. Pepsi is now living at an English barn up the road as he enjoys jumping far more than waiting around in my pasture for me to entertain him. Tango is content to hang out in the snowy field with Cash, but I have been having him join me at the arena so he can knock off a few of those winter pounds!

My dogs China and Remi love the snow. China gets cold quickly due to her petite figure and coat, however nothing can stop her from her “duty” of keeping the coyotes off the property. She lays in my bay window most of the day and night, and once she spots a wandering coyote she jumps up, runs around the house barking until I let her chase it off. For a smaller dog – she is very brave! Remi on the other hand… who I got with the idea of protecting my chickens from danger … is terrified of the coyotes. When her best friend China runs off over the hill, Remi whines and barks from the safety of the porch…

All the other animals on the farm are doing well. My barn cats, Mouzer and Turner have made themselves at home in the house for the cold winter. They are perfectly content to spend all day and night, cuddling on the bed… oh the life of a cat! The chickens and peafowl are cozy in their heated coop and whenever a break in the weather occurs I let them out to forage in the yard.

As for me? I’m enjoying a small hibernation while this winter weather takes hold. I have thoughts of taking a trip south for a few weeks, but haven’t decided where or when yet. I have been getting caught up on everyday things that get put aside during the busier part of the year. Over Christmas I flew back to Ontario and spent a whole month with my family and friends.  I brought Remi, China and Mouzer along with me and thanks to Haley my house sitter, all the critters on the farm were well cared for while I was gone. It was great to be able to have lots of time to visit with everyone and enjoy a relaxing Christmas.

I assure you, as soon as I hear the word about Heartland Season Six, I will let you know. I wish all of you the best for 2012 and remember to make everyday count.

Happy Trails,